New Website

I recently had some issues with my webhosting and lost my 3 wordpress sites. The domain was just a landing page with links to my other sites, I had the intention of starting a blog as a place to document my interests, show progress for projects I am working on, but that had not materialized.

I do some photography as a pass-time/hobby/side-hustle and had started to setup to showcase my favorite and best photos. I had the site structure complete, the look and layout mostly complete. All that was needed was to sort through my photo collection and settle on a selection of photos.

I had been interested in amateur radio for some time and a while back, I followed through and got licensed. I had registered my domain name as a place to talk about the hobby, and sort of document my journey through the hobby. That site had the most content.

Each site sort of had its own unique look which was ok, however I want to take this opportunity to re-imagine the websites and at the same time try to make them unique but look like they belong to part of a collection.

So here is to starting fresh.


BTW – I will remove this post when I start posting real content.